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Welcome to OPL in the Institute of Photonics Technologies, National Tsing Hua University.
Research activities in OPL focus on advanced developments in the fields of organic photonic devices, electromagnetic metamaterials, and plasmonics. While each field has specific areas of interest, the research efforts are attempted to foster cross-divisional and multidisciplinary collaborations. We are constantly recruiting highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students to work with us.

Latest News and Awards

Dec - 狂賀!! 洪肇佑、杜皖婷和林怡姿發表論文於Journal of Applied Physics !!

Nov - 狂賀!! 黃祥鴻獲全額獎學金,進入日本東京大學博士班!!

Sep - 狂賀!高子紘發表論文於Optical Express!

Aug - 狂賀!丁希與杜皖婷發表論文於CLEO - PR 2015 (Busan, Korea)!

Jun, 2015 - 狂賀!育叡發表論文於Optical Express!!

Aug - 狂賀!黃祥鴻發表論文於IEEE Photonics Journal!

May - Our paper is featured as the front cover of Advanced Materials!(link)

Feb - 狂賀!張簡隆宇與林怡姿發表論文於SPIE Photonics Europe 2014 (Brussels, Belgium)!

Jan - 狂賀黃祥鴻於一年半取得碩士學位!

Jan - 狂賀林庭宇取得博士學位!

Jan, 2014 - 狂賀!凌顗鈞與張簡隆宇之論文發表於Advanced Materials.

Apr 24 - 狂賀!李育叡論文"Plasmon Hybridization and Dipolar Interaction on the Resonances of Helix Metamaterials"發表於IEEE Photonics Journal.

Feb 7 - 狂賀!黃祥鴻,陳奕靜,邱逸文發表論文於SPIE Photonics West 2013 (San Francisco, USA)

Dec 19 - 狂賀!凌顗鈞與化工系何榮銘教授實驗室與物理系果尚志教授實驗室合作之論文,發表於Advanced Materials.

Oct 8 - 狂賀!林庭宇,陳奕靜論文"Hole mobility characterization of DNA biopolymer by time-of-flight technique"發表於Applied Physics Letters.

Oct 3 - 本實驗室研究成果榮登Applied Physics Letters 創刊50周年特刊”近年最受注目的突破性研究" 50篇代表作之一,為台灣唯一入選的論文: (連結link)

Jun 8 - 狂賀! 陳奕靜榮獲清華大學菁英留學獎學金至加州大學柏克萊分校電機資訊系(Dept. of EECS, UC Berkeley)

Mar 20 - Our research is highlighted in Nature Photonics 6, 139 (2012) : (連結link)

Feb 10 - 本實驗室研究成果榮登Applied Physics Letters "Most Read Articles" (Jan 2012) Ranked  #1 : (連結link)

Jan 10, 2012 - Our research in the news 研究成果"DNA光感記憶體元件"獲國內外媒體報導 (連結link)

Nov 9
- 狂賀! 凌顗鈞獲光電所甄試入學獎學金

Sep 30 - T. Y. Lin (林庭宇)’s work entitled “Carrier mobility characterization of DNA-surfactant complexes”, accepted for Photonics West 2012.

Sep 30 - Y. R. Lee (李育叡), H. H. Huang (黃祥鴻)’s work entitled “Numerical study of helix photonic metamaterial”, accepted for Photonics West 2012.

Sep 30  - Y. C. Ling (凌顗鈞)’s work entitled “Characterization of guiding properties of metallic nanorod metamaterials”, accepted for Photonics West 2012.

Aug 27 - I. C. Chen (陳奕靜) presented “Enhanced Light Emission from Blue Organic Light-emitting Devices with DNA Biopolymer” in IQEC/CLEO Pacific Rim 2011, Sydney, Australia.

Aug 30 - T. Y. Lin (林庭宇) presented ” Photoinduced DNA Biopolymer Nanocomposite for Organic Memory Devices” in IQEC/CLEO Pacific Rim 2011, Sydney, Australia.

Aug 31 - C. H. Su (蘇哲玄) presented “Amplified Spontaneous Emission from Photopumped Films of Dye-doped DNA Biopolymers” in IQEC/CLEO Pacific Rim 2011, Sydney, Australia.

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